In Memoriam John S. Rigden

In Memoriam

John S. Rigden (1934-2017) editor of the American Journal of Physics (1975-1985), AIP Director of Physics Programs (1987-1998) and the 2008 Gemant Award recipient.

John S. RigdenJohn S. Rigden (1934-2017) was editor of the American Journal of Physics from 1975 to 1985. In 1987, he joined the American Institute of Physics, where he served as Director of Physics Programs. John received the 2008 Gemant Award for a lifetime of enlightenment of physicists and the public. As a teacher, researcher, scholar, writer and editor, he has been an Ambassador of good will for the physics community.

Dr. Rigden also served AIP member societies:
AAPT – American Journal of Physics, 1987-1998
APS – Chair of History of Physics Forum, 1995
Through his five books, 100+ editorials, numerous articles, 100+ public lectures and significant community service, he has interpreted and communicated physics to diverse audiences.

His obituary is available on the Washington University in St. Louis website.

More photos of John S. Rigden can be found in the Emilio Segrè Visual Archives and read an opinion piece John wrote for Physics Today on his support of the Center for History of Physics.

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Rutherford Talk with Dylla, Rigden, French, etc.

John Rigden sits at his deskJohn Rigden (left) converses with Gerald Gilbert.