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AIP/APS Virtual Journal Series Expands Coverage

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Melville, NY, August 12, 2009 –The AIP- and APS-sponsored Virtual Journals in Science and Technology series ( now include the papers from two more scholarly journals, both available through IOP Publishing. These publications are EPL, formerly Europhysics Letters, published by the EPL Association (which includes IOP as a publishing partner), and Physics-Uspekhi, co-published by Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk and Turpion Ltd. IOP also provides content from Physica Scripta and New Journal of Physics to the Virtual Journal series.

Each Virtual Journal (VJ) compiles a list of relevant papers from a broad range of physical science publications, each dedicated to a single field. The present series of five journals offers researchers quick, convenient access to the latest papers in nanoscale science, biological physics, quantum information, superconductivity, and ultrafast science.

"Thanks to the Virtual Journals, researchers have free access to a number of discipline-specific resources that give them an instant snapshot of the important work being done in their field," said Gene Sprouse, APS's Editor-in-Chief. "We strive to make this service as valuable as possible to researchers worldwide, which includes enhanced content and topical coverage. This summer, in fact, we released the sixth publication in the series, Virtual Journal of Atomic Quantum Fluids."

Abstracts from the journals of 19 scholarly publishers are accessible from links in the tables of contents of each Virtual Journal without access restrictions. To view full-text articles, VJ users can follow the links to the articles in the source journal. Subscribers to any journal will find quick links to the journal's full-text articles; nonsubscribers can purchase the articles online.

"We're very pleased that the Virtual Journals have expanded the number of publications covered through that addition of two more titles provided by IOP. Gathering together topically related content from a broad swath of publications makes it much easier for specialists in the fields covered by the series to stay abreast with the current topflight research," said Fred Dylla, AIP's Executive Director & CEO. "With science and technology developments becoming more and more interdisciplinary, the Virtual Journals series has become a highly valuable cross-publisher research tool."

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