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AIP Journals Officially Launch on Scitation C³

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Melville, NY, March 15, 2010 — The American Institute of Physics (AIP) announced today the migration of its 12 archival journals to its Scitation C³ next-generation hosting platform. All Scitation publications will migrate to the C³ platform in the coming months. Central to the implementation is an agile development environment utilizing a new Mark Logic content server and Polopoly web content management system. With these systems in place, AIP has infused its journals with an XML-enabled functionality that few other STM publishers can match.

"This is a significant milestone for us, as it marks the culmination of many, many months of work to re-imagine the Scitation platform from the ground up," said Paul DeCillis, Director of Online Publishing. "We recognize that today's researchers have less time to spend per article. In designing the new AIP journal pages, we broke free from traditional print-based, linear design. The new websites have significantly reduced discovery and reading time by exposing content components in the XML."

Key to the new design is a new object browser, allowing subscribers to view all tables and figures in an article directly from the abstract view, where the majority of researchers begin their interaction with the article. Other objects from within the full-article XML, such as the article's acknowledgement section and an article outline based on the article's section structure, surface on the page providing quick access to the article's content.

Scitation C³ also features a new, interactive full-article HTML rendering, including greatly improved visual presentation of inline math. In-context links to actionable references, figures, and tables save researchers from wasting time navigating around the document. Other interactive features include the ability to highlight any term within an article to produce a list of related content.

To further facilitate fast discoverability, AIP journals now allow one to create "Smart ToCs," enabling the user to tailor the listing to his/her interests, harvest citations, preview abstracts with a mouse click, and hide content that isn't relevant. AIP has also added greater utility to the search functions of its journal pages, with more options and better controls to explore returned content with faceted results, based on article type, topic, author, keyword, PACS, journal, and publication year. Faceted search helps researchers find information quickly by presenting them with a set of "filters" to refine search results.

AIP's Scitation publishing platform hosts 2,000,000 articles from more than 200 scholarly publications for 28 learned society publishers, in fields including physics, chemistry, geosciences, engineering, acoustics, and other sciences. Scitation's evolving, next generation platform, C³, represents today's best-of-breed technology, with an XML foundation and flexible framework for multi-channel distribution of content and services that enables both publishers and end users to manipulate and deliver content as never before and creates the tools and environment for content producers to position themselves for future publishing opportunities.

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