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AIP Publishing Reinforces Commitment to Deliver World-Class Content, Accessibility, and Outreach

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The authoritative voice in the physical sciences community for more than 80 years

Melville, NY, July 16, 2013 - AIP Publishing recognizes that the STM publishing landscape is evolving due to scientists' changing information needs, technological advancements, and emerging trends that impact the way that content is gathered, enriched, disseminated, and made discoverable. AIP Publishing is well aware of the factors driving these changes, including the proliferation of mobile devices and their increasing use to acquire scholarly information, open access publishing models, semantic search engines, and the explosion of social media for informal communication among scientists, to name a few.

AIP Publishing: Global Reach, Global Research, World-class Results

Our journals provide the physics community with world-class content, and nowhere is their value more evident than in the extraordinary number of researchers who cite our articles in their own research papers. According to 2012 Journal Citation Reports (Thomson Reuters, 2013), Applied Physics Letters and Journal of Applied Physics have retained their positions as the first and second most-cited journals by researchers in Applied Physics. The Journal of Chemical Physics once again garnered the most citations in the Atomic, Molecular, and Chemical Physics category. The story is the same across our entire journal portfolio. For example, Physics of Plasmas continues to be the most highly cited journal dedicated entirely to plasma physics, and the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy experienced a 24% jump in its impact factor. AIP's flagship magazine, Physics Today, saw an increase as well - an impressive 19%.

AIP Publishing's 2014 Programs and Pricing

AIP's current tiered pricing model was established in order to offer equitable prices for online access to institutions of varying size and research intensity. For a complete overview of 2014 subscription pricing, click here.

We continue to work closely with the library community to maintain low annual price increases; we remain sensitive to the economic pressures facing libraries as well as those which we face as society publishers. Our 2014 online journal pricing represents a 5% increase, which applies to every title, across every tier.

For more information contact Customer Service (subs [at] or your AIP sales representative.

Print subscriptions

STM publishers are adjusting their pricing models to accommodate the continuing conversion of print subscriptions to online. This shift, while not unexpected, has resulted in price increases in order to maintain a viable print program.

Combination packages: Strength in numbers

Institutions that purchase multiple titles can continue to save money by subscribing to one of our discounted combination packages, AIP Select or AIP Complete. AIP Select includes a selection of core titles while AIP Complete encompasses the entire collection of AIP Publishing journals plus conference proceedings. Both packages offer the extended backfile option.

Commitment to growing public access

A steadfast advocate for the needs of institutions and their patrons, AIP Publishing extends considerable effort to grow public access pragmatically with various journal models, including the launch of our newest Open Access title, APL Materials.

Ongoing leadership and involvement in important industry-wide initiatives, such as CrossRef, COUNTER, ORCID, and Transfer, has enabled AIP to work for better industry standards, and to improve database interoperability, search, and discovery of scholarly articles and research data.

AVS announces new pricing structure for 2014

In 2014, the AVS will be implementing a series of pricing changes and product configurations designed to lower the subscription costs for smaller institutions, increase researcher access to its content and give greater pricing flexibility to institutional subscribers of all sizes. Beginning this year, JVST A, JVST B and Surface Science Spectra will be sold as a bundled package and will no longer be available as separate subscriptions. Additional changes include:

  • The creation of a backfile option that can be leased or purchased
  • New, attractively priced "e-only" subscriptions
  • The implementation of a six tier pricing model that lowers the cost of subscription for smaller institutions.

For complete details about AVS 2014 pricing, please visit

About AIP Publishing

AIP Publishing LLC provides the global physical science community with a comprehensive collection of highly cited peer reviewed scientific information. Accessed by researchers at nearly 4,000 institutions worldwide, AIP Publishing's portfolio of 17 journals includes prestigious titles such as Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Applied Physics and The Journal of Chemical Physics, and the AIP Conference Proceedings series. AIP Publishing also publishes on behalf of several of AIP's Member Societies and other publishing partners.

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