APS, AAPT and AIP work for higher education

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16 December 2013

The Higher Education Act is  currently under discussion in the House Education and Workforce Committee and  will soon be up for reauthorization. Of particular interest is a section of the  bill on teacher quality enhancement, which closely relates to PhysTEC and the  Physics Teaching Resource Agent Programs. The  importance of high-quality teacher preparation in physics has been a  longstanding issue for AIP and its Member Societies. APS and AAPT staff, along  with the AIP government relations team, will continue to hold ongoing  discussions with the committee and members of Congress regarding these and  other programs in hopes of shaping discussions on the Hill about teacher  preparation and professional development programs at institutions of higher  education.

Science, technology, engineering,  and mathematics education is a widely discussed policy topic, and the physics  societies play an important role in promoting the importance of disciplinary-based  education research, research experiences for undergraduates, and professional  development for physics educators. As issues arise regarding K-12 science  education, courses taught at two- and four-year colleges, and graduate  education, we will continue to facilitate discussions with the Hill and the  Administration to emphasize the work of the physics societies in improving  physics education at all levels.