Dinosaurs sized up in Inside Science

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3 December 2013

Inside Science News Service (ISNS) this fall published “Giant Dinosaurs Stood Tall on Squishy Joints,” by Inside Science’s current intern, Jyoti Madhusoodanan, a student in the University of California, Santa Cruz, science communication program. Jyoti’s story covers a recent PLOS ONE paper, which concludes that the reason some dinosaurs grew to gigantic sizes, dwarfing most land mammals, lies in the unique way their knee joints support bone growth.

Inside Science intern Jyoti MadhusoodananThe story was an instant success on Inside Science’s social media channels and on InsideScience.org, where it has attracted nearly 10,000 pageviews. Jyoti’s story was also picked up by Fox News, Live Science, and Real Clear Science. Shortly after the story was published, Slashdot featured the story on its front page, a distinction that occurs with only a few out of the hundreds of new links that are added to the page every day. Jyoti’s internship with Inside Science will satisfy a program requirement and provides experience and clips as she embarks on her science-writing career. Congratulations to Jyoti and the editing team at ISNS!