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New STIX Fonts Version Released that Supports LaTeX

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Version 1.1.0-LaTeX another significant step forward in supporting publication of scientific, technical, medical literature

Melville, NY, May 29, 2013STI Pub Companies announce the release of STIX (Scientific and Technical Information Exchange) Fonts, Version 1.1.0-latex. Offering a new packaging format, this new version enables authors of scientific, technical, and medical documents to incorporate STIX Fonts into the commonly used LaTeX document preparation system much more easily.

In development for more than 10 years, STIX Fonts were released in 2010 by STI Pub Companies, a consortium of publishers of mathematical, scientific, and technical books and journals, whose mission is to provide a single, comprehensive, and free source of fonts containing every character or symbol needed to prepare scientific publications. Members of the consortium are the American Chemical Society (ACS), AIP Publishing, LLC (AIP), the American Mathematical Society (AMS), the American Physical Society (APS), Elsevier, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

“Representation of formulas and equations in medical, scientific and technical literature has always presented challenges for authors, printers, and publishers,” commented Mark Cassar, Publisher, AIP Publishing, LLC, a member of the coalition that developed the STIX Fonts. “From its inception, the STIX project has worked to create a complete set of fonts for the accurate display of every character in every document. The latest STIX release will now allow scientists and engineers using LaTeX to take full advantage of the extensive coverage of Unicode mathematical symbols that STIX provides.”

Supporting the entire publication process, from manuscript creation through final publication, both in electronic and print formats, STIX Fonts have been assembled from a comprehensive list of characters and glyphs required for publication from the participating STI Pub Companies. Every scientific discipline is represented, as well as many other fields from the arts and humanities. Based on the Unicode standard for character representation, STIX Fonts provide extensive coverage of Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets.

Laura Hassink, the Senior VP of Physical Sciences at Elsevier, remarked, “As a group representing some of the world’s leading professional society and commercial publishers, the STI Pub Companies are extremely proud of our collaboration and accomplishments, benefiting not only publishers, but scientists and engineers worldwide. We are exploring development of the STIX Fonts for other applications beyond LaTeX, which will further facilitate rapid dissemination of high quality, reliable scientific information.”

STIX Fonts are available under royalty-free license to anyone, including publishers, software developers, scientists, students, and the general public, under the SIL Open Font License. This license is designed specifically for collaborative font projects, and it provides a free and open framework in which fonts may be shared. For more information, visit the STIX Fonts website at

Contact, on behalf of the STI Pub Companies:

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