Advertising sales need both new and evergreen approaches

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23 June 2014

Randy Nanna, Physics Today publisher, co-presented at a talk at the 50th Annual Association Media & Publishing (AM&P) Conference. The topic was “Current Trends vs. Tried and True: An Ad Sales Conversation.” It compared and contrasted the first-year ad sales experiences (tales/crazy happenings) of Diane Rusignola (left), associate publisher of Independent Agent magazine, with the slightly longer sales experiences of Randy Nanna (right). It was a nice contrast. While many, many things have changed about association magazine advertising sales, there are basics that remain true: be prepared (know your product and your customers’ needs), be yourself, be honest, and always strive to partner with your customers.

This was a departure from the usual type of presentation. AM&P is a heavily editorial membership organization. 

For a more detailed write-up of this co-presentation and the take-away messages, see the June 11 article published by Association Media & Publishing.