Astronomy education is thriving

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7 July 2014

Interest in astronomy in the United States remains strong, with astronomy enrollments at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at or near all-time highs during the 2012–13 academic year. These increasing enrollments have resulted in record numbers of students receiving doctorates and bachelor’s degrees in astronomy.

The Statistical Research Center (SRC) has recently published a new report: Astronomy Enrollments and Degrees. This report provides trends and analysis on the number of astronomy degrees conferred at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels. It includes lists of colleges and universities that produced the greatest number of astronomy degrees in recent years. The report also presents data on the representation of women and non-US citizens among students pursing and receiving astronomy degrees.

The SRC collects extensive data on the US astronomy community. We gather detailed data on enrollments and degrees, educational pursuits of new astronomy degree recipients, initial employment, and astronomy faculty at universities and four-year colleges.

When you visit the SRC homepage, you will find an astronomy button in the center near the bottom of the page. By clicking the astronomy button you will be presented with the latest reports and data graphics the SRC has posted concerning astronomy education and employment.

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