Inside Science coverage on arrow of time flies into the news

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12 May 2014

Dance of Time II sculpture by Salvador DaliPhysics tackles some of the most profound questions we can imagine, such as why time appears to move forward but never backward. In Physical Review E (PRE), a journal published by APS, physicists recently attempted to reconcile two different definitions of time’s flow. One definition is based on our psychological experience, in which we can never remember the future, and another comes from the branch of physics known as thermodynamics, in which time’s flow is defined by the universe moving into a more and more disorganized arrangement. Inside Science News Service covered the recent PRE paper in a news article

In addition to providing a destination for all its content on its website, Inside Science strives to be a source of quality, accurate, ready-to-run science news content for mainstream media organizations, so its content is also made available for syndication. As a result, the article was run widely, in The Christian Science Monitor, Real Clear Science, LiveScience, Business Insider, and the Huffington Post, which has recently begun to pick up Inside Science content.