Newsweek “Cooling World” author sets the record straight in Inside Science

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9 June 2014

Inside Science mindsIn May, Inside Science released another guest column as part of the ongoing series, Inside Science Minds. This latest piece was written by longtime Inside Science freelancer Peter Gwynne—a well-known and widely respected figure in science journalism who has written for Physics World and many other publications. In his column, Peter responded to those who cite Peter’s 1975 Newsweek article, “A Cooling World,” to attack the science of global warming. The Inside Science Minds column gave Peter a voice to set the record straight on the science of climate change since the Newsweek article appeared. The piece contained an infographic and new original quotes from well-known climate scientists Michael Mann of Penn State and Gavin Schmidt, deputy chief of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. The column gained widespread attention, including an analysis in the Knight Science Journalism Tracker and a piece from Newsweek itself—mentioning the Inside Science column. The Inside Science piece was reprinted in Real Clear Science, Business Insider, LiveScience, and, which has recently begun to run Inside Science content.