NSF grant for longitudinal study

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28 April 2014

Working with the Demographics Committee of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), the AIP Statistical Research Center (SRC) is conducting a longitudinal survey of everyone who was a graduate student in astronomy or astrophysics during the 2006–07 academic year. The Longitudinal Study of Astronomy Graduate Students was first conceived as one of the recommendations from the 2003 Conference on Women in Astronomy. In addition to looking for evidence of gender differences, the survey will provide detailed data on employment patterns in astronomy. The first set of data was collected in 2007–08, and the second set was collected in 2012–13. Rachel Ivie presented preliminary results from the second data collection effort at the AAS 223rd Meeting in National Harbor, MD. The NSF Astronomy Directorate recently awarded the SRC a grant to collect a third round of data from the study participants, most of whom have now completed graduate school. Readers can sign up to receive notification about future results from this survey by subscribing to astronomy updates using our e-Update service.