Underrepresented minority faculty in physics and astronomy

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28 July 2014

The Statistical Research Center recently released a new focus on report about under-represented minority faculty members in physics and astronomy departments. The data from our 2012 survey of departments show that the representation of African Americans and Hispanics among physics faculty members has not changed substantially since our last data collection effort in 2008. In 2012, there were approximately 9050 physics faculty members in the United States, but only 288 were Hispanic and only 190 were African American. Half of all African American physics faculty members work at just 23 departments, meaning that most physics students will never see a black faculty member. Furthermore, there were fewer than 75 female physics and astronomy faculty members who are either African American or Hispanic in the entire United States. Smithsonianmag.com recently featured statistics from this report and from last year’s report on women faculty members.