Who got a piece of the SPS/Sigma Pi Sigma pi?

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10 March 2014

The Pi is imminent campaign

With generous support from the physics community and Sigma Pi Sigma (ΣΠΣ) members, the Society of Physics Students and ΣΠΣ have supported tens of thousands of students along their journey to becoming physics-trained professionals. This support comes in several forms, including scholarships, internships, academic recognition, chapter awards, professional development, and much more. Inspired by Pi Day (March 14, in honor of the mathematical constant pi, 3.14 . . . ), Sigma Pi Sigma has launched an awareness and fundraising campaign to get the word out about how SPS changes lives and how, with increased support from Sigma Pi Sigma members and other donors, we can together support even more students along their physics path. 

The backbone of this campaign is a new webpage featuring short videos and photos of students, faculty, and alumni talking about the “piece of the pi(e)” they received from SPS or Sigma Pi Sigma, and encouraging visitors to donate (in increments of π!). There are also special incentives—anyone that donates $1,000 or more by the end of the day on March 14 will receive a homemade pie baked by SPS/ΣΠΣ Director Toni Sauncy, and $250 will get you a custom Sigma Pi Sigma pie server so you can celebrate Pi Day 2015 (3/14/15) in style!