Informal Group

Mr. and Mrs. Basov in Como, Italy
Bohr, Ehrenfest's Son and Ehrenfest at train station
Portrait of Bohr and Planck
Bragg Conversing
Burbidge Interviewed by DeVorkin
Cockcroft Signing a Guest Book
Dancoff, Nordsieck, Hanson, Kerst, Hulsizer at Picnic
Dirac and Group at Train Station
Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ehrenfest
Einsteins Meet Western Scientists
Amaldi, Fano, Teller Pose for Photo
Fermi and Persico Skiing
Fowler and others celebrate birthday
Hawkins, Gamow and Ulam Converse
Portrait of P. W. Merrille and W. S. Adams
Bloembergen and Zare


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