Informal Group

Emilio Segre speaking with President John F. Kennedy at event
Emilio Segre, Clyde Wiegand, Edward Lofgren, Owen Chamberlain and Tom Ypsilantis in the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory
Emilio Segre, Edoardo Amaldi, Unidentified, Ugo Amaldi and Giovanni Enriques enjoying the outdoors
Edward Togfren, Emilio Segre, Clyde Wiegand, Own Chamberlain and Thomas Ypsilantis conversing
Wallace Sargent with others at a pub lunch
Donald Barr, benno Schoenborn, B. Grant Logan, Nicholas Samios and Charles Scott conversing
L.A. Sommer, W. Heisenberg, J. Franck and Gunther Cario biking
Albert Snow lecturing to Serge Korff, B. Hamwitz, Leon Fisher and Yardley Beers
Paul Rosenberg with others at an event
Attendees at the 1985 E632 meeting, held at the University of California, Berkeley
Dmitrii Ivanenko and Emilio Segre conversing with unidentified others
Dmitrii Ivanenko speaking with unidentified others
N.H. Randolph, John Q. Stewart, Percy W. Bridgman and H.M. Dadourian outdoors
Cecil Powell visiting CERN with Prof. Gregory, Prof. Amaldi and Prof. Scherrer
Connie Occhialini, Bruno Pontecorvo, G. Occhialini, Segre and Powell conversing
William Pollard with others at a 10th anniversary event
Robert Pohl, standing with outstretched hands, and Arnold Sommerfeld sitting on the cannon
David Pines, Edwin Goldwasser and Rosalyn Yalow conversing
David Pines, A.O. Hanson, Edwin Goldwasser and Rosalyn Yalow conversing
Abraham Pais and Hideki Yukawa attending the International Conference on Theoretical Physics


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