Informal Group

Monica Jackson, Erica N. Walker, Ronald E. Mickens, Brett Sims, Glenora Dent, Talitha Washington and Gwendolyn Irby at MAA Mathfest
Weizhong Dai, Lisha Wang, Jean M.S. Lubuma and Lih-Ing Wu Roeger at AMS Sectional Meeting/AMS Special Session
Ronald Mickens, Chris Bowman, Abba Gumel, Unidentified and Elamin H. Elasha from the top of the ski-lift at Snowbird, Utah
Ronald C. Mickens (center) with a group of "outseen" students outside of Everybody's Restaurant
Ronald Mickens with a group of "outseen" students at Everybody's Restaurant
Ronald Mickens at Everybody's Pizza with three of the graduate students
Porcas and Urry at Caltech
Alsos mealtime
Alsos at I.G. Farben Ludwigshafen
Urry, van Dokkum and O'Connor at Keck Observatory
Urry and Fellow Workers at Swimming Pool
Gruber and Urry Attend Yale Symposium
Urry with Research Group
Zhang and Wheeler Visit
Jun, Janette Wheeler, Tianrong Zhang, John Wheeler and Erhe at Zhang's home
Janette Wheeler (wife of John), John Wheeler and Zhang Tianrong with other Chinese students
Rosie Interrogates Old Frau
The Imperial Crypt
Bombed Out Building
Crowded Street Market


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