John Irwin Slide Collection

International Astronomical Union (IAU) tour of a 210-foot dish
View of an 210-foot dish
View of a partial blocked road on Cerro Morado
Replica of Jansky Radio Telescope at the Green Bank Observatory
Carlos Varsavsky giving acceptances at the dedication of the Villa Elisa Radio Observatory
Merle Tuve speaking at the dedication of Vill Elisa Radio Observatory
Earthquake disaster flood in the El Melon Aconcagua Valley
Damaged Railroad bridges south of Pichidangui
View of the domes at the Las Campanas Observatory
View of the dorms, 40-inch and 24-inch domes at Las Campanas Observatory
Paris Pismis at the International Astronomical Union (IAU) meeting
Paris Pismiss at International Astronomical Union (IAU) meeting
Hostel at European Southern Observatory (ESO)
View of a 60-inch European Southern Observatory (ESO) dome
View of four small European Southern Observatory (ESO) domes
East arm of the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (MOST)
View of Porto's Coquimbo
View from Las Campanas Observatory
View of Mount Stromlo Observatory
View of the 74-inch dome at Mount Stromlo Observatory


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