Weisskopf Collection

Bohr Attends Copenhagen Conference
Heisenberg and Bohr
Mrs. Bohr Smiling for Camera
Fierz at Copenhagen Conference
Ebbe Rasmussen raises a glass at the Copenhagen Conference
Otto Stern laughing at the Copenhagen Conference at the Niels Bohr Institute
Gustafson, Schultz and Levi Attend Conference
Otto Stern, Werner Heisenberg and an unidentified man at Conference in Copenhagen
Fierz and Franck at Copenhagen Conf.
Victor Weisskopf stands at a blackboard in a lecture hall at a conference in Copenhagen
Hans Daniel Jensen at 1934 Copenhagen Conference
Victor Weisskopf lecturing with the aid of an overhead projector
Ernst Pascual Jordan lecturing at the Copenhagen Conference
Victor Weisskopf (center), Carl Weizsacker (right), and others eating at the Copenhagen Conference
Amaldi and Delbruck at Copenhagen Conference
Fritz Kalckar and Niels Bohr attends lecture
Mrs. Bohr, Aage Bohr and Kramers at Copenhagen Conf.
Niels Bohr at the Copenhagen Conference
Fritz Kalckar lecturing to George Placzek, Niels Bohr and Carl von Weizsacker


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