Lawrence W. Jones Collection

Mrs. Le Coultre, Pierre Le Coultre and an unidentified woman converse during the European Cosmic Ray Symposium
Bjorken, Gustafson Work with Minimax Experiment
International Cosmic Ray Conference; IX International Symposium, Karlsruhe, Germany
Celebration of CERN Hadron Calorimeter completion
Participants converse at the XVI International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC)
Construction of the 8 x 8 foot wide-gap spark chambers takes place at the Echol Lake Laboratory
Foster and Wenzel Converse
International Cosmic Ray Conference; XI International Symposium
Small group converses at the Chacalyaya Meeting on Cosmic Rays
Keith Symon, Unidentified, John Blewett, Gersh Budker, Ruth Jones, and Svetya Radionov converse
Construction of the wide-gap spark chambers takes place at Echo Lake
Blewett and Nikitin converse
Group on tour after International Cosmic Ray Conference; VII
Group photograph of Fermilab and URA Trustees and Mgmt.
Samuel Ting
HAPPE superconducting magnet, prior to installation in the Echo Lake detector


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