Léon Brillouin Collection

Niels Bohr, Henrick David, Guglielmo Marconi and Dean Baptiste Perrin at the Conference on Nuclear Physics
Attendees at Jubilee for the Dutch Society of Science
Fourth Solvay Conference on Physics
Brillouin, Soller and others rock climbing
Wleuthere, Thomson, Ayrton, Rowland and Mendenhall Portrait
Willoughby Miller Cady outdoors
Theodore Soller outdoors with unidentified group
Brillouin with wife and daughter
King at McGill University
Leon and wife Marcelle Brillouin oudoors with unidentified people
Brillouin with unidentified group picnicing
Scheel Stands on a Boat
Kronig?, Darwin, Fowler, Bloch and Heisenberg outdoors
Portrait of Brillouin and his wife
Granovsky Visits Mendota Lake
Brillouin and friends enjoy a picnic outside
Brillouin and his wife walk outdoors.
Erikson in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Unidentified people having a picnic outside.


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