Hintz Collection

Unna Rowe; David Rowe (standing); Daniel Bes; Kurt Adler and Sven Nilsson (seated)
Lars Silverberg with family on sabbatical year in Minnesota
Birges at picnic
Courant and Fermi
Hintz on the 40 inch spectrometer platform
Abraham Pais (right) and his wife, Ida, at a gathering
Deboer and motorbike
Ben Mottelson in his study in Copenhagen
Portrait of Bloembergen
DeBoer with wife
Ben Mottelson finds Morels at St. Croix river
Informal portrait of George Rogosa
Casual Portrait of Bohr
Frisch Draws Diagram
Ben Mottelson at a market in Takayama, Japan
Walter and Judy Rosenblith, at Harvard Psychoacoustics Lab
Bohr Sits Outdoors on Lawn
Frisch Conversing


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