Profile portraits

Conway and Carruthers with spectrograph
William W. Morgan taking the 10,000th spectroheliogram at Yerkes Observatory
Kenneth A. Johnson and others conversing at Cornell University
Informal portrait of Owen Phillips
Rudolf Peierls (center) walking down a street
Theodore Rautenberg in General Electric Research Laboratory
Paul Tamarkin
Harrison Randall sitting at equipment
Mary Sandage and son, Alan Sandage and W. W. Morgan at the American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting
Informal portrait of Bernard Serin
Jerome Singer discussing amplitude modulation in masers
Robert Sproull working with equipment
James J. Stukel conversing with Mac E. Van Valkenburg and Richard M. Brown
Llewellyn Thomas
Jimmy Vale
Professor Gleb Wataghin lecturing on the multiple production of mesons and nonlocal field theory
James Raymond Lawson
Thomas Wing (right) illustrates an electronics problem to unidentified student
Albert Wattenberg, Alfred O. Hanson and Lawrence H. Lanzl at Loomis Laboratory
Ruth and Sam Labate


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