Emilio Segre with a group in Italy
Emilio Segre meeting with two unidentified people
Emilio Segre meeting with unidentified person in Italy
Emilio Segre speaking in Rome
Emilio Segre and Isidor Rabi conversing
Emilio Segre at a ceremony for Nobel Prize winners
Emilio Segre and Leo Pincherle conversing
Informal portrait of Rae Stiening
Informal portrait of Rae Stiening
Porter, Galor, Emilio Segre and Max Delbruck in London
Glenn Lectures from the Blackboard
Portrait of Giordmaine
James Mickens and his father, Ronald Mickens, after James received his PhD in Computer Science
Ronald Mickens and his son, James Mickens, in the backyard of their home in Atlanta, GA
Ron Mickens, Leah Mickens, Sekazi Mtingwa at American Physical Society (APS) meeting
William (Bill) Massey, James Mickens and Ron Mickens at 19th CAARMS Conference
Ronald Mickens stands next to an African artwork
Informal Portrait of Ronald Mickens
Ronald Mickens views scenery from the top of the ski-lift at Snowbird, Utah
Portrait of Altarelli


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