Informal portrait of Clyde Wiegand
Portrait of Clyde Wiegand
Gian Carlo Wick, Edoardo Amaldi, Antonio Rostagni, Max Planck and Arnold Summerfield conversing
Portrait of Willis Whitney
Portrait of Milton White
Portrait of Milton White
Informal portrait of Fred Whipple
Informal portrait of Fred Whipple
Victor Weisskopf conversing with unidentified people at an event
Informal portrait of Wallace Waterfall
Portrait of Walter White
William Swann at an American Physical Society (APS) meeting
Portrait of Otto Stern
William Sproul with unidentified women at Awards Ceremony
Informal portrait of Lewis Slack
Emilio Segre working in his office
Emilio Segre with wife, Rosa, at Berkeley's Nobel Tradition
Emilio Segre and his wife in Bombay area
Emilio Segre with unidentified others in an office
Emilio Segre, Clyde Wiegand, Edward Lofgren, Owen Chamberlain and Thomas Ypsilantis near Antiproton Experiment


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