Informal portrait of Henry Margenau
Walther Mayer with others at Hale Observatories
Portrait of Frederick Maxfield
Informal portrait of Janet Mattei
Informal portrait of Max Mason
Informal portrait of Ed Mannery
Adolph Maltler and F. Gans
Douglas and Elaine Hartree
Elaine Hartree
Ralph Kronig jumping over a chair
View of the Pension - Villa Meissner
View of Bad Nauheim
View of the Pallanza Hotel
View of "Universitatsgebaude" in Breslau, Germany
Aerial view of a city
House where Hedwig Kohn stayed
Hedwig Kohn's maid
Hedwig Kohn with family members
Hedwig Kohn's nephew, Gerhart Hancke, with friend
Hedwig Kohn with family members


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