Dodge working at desk
Informal portrait of Sidney Wolff
Ford Talks on Phone
Clayton and Pantelaki Work in Office
Einasto Working in Office
Casual Portrait of Clayton
Workers Pose for Photo
Group of unidentified workers assemble for photo with Admiral Hyman Rickover (front left)
Portrait of Allison
Hubble Reading a Journal
Kamperman Portrait
Portrait of Frank McDonald
Adone 'Pete' Pietrasanta in his office at Bolt, Beranek and Newman
Carl A. Rouse at his home office in front of the PC
Informal portrait of Carl Swanson
Jose Westerkamp and unidentified lady sitting in office
Informal portrait of Raphael Kasper
Goff Sits at His Desk
Shirley Jackson with unidentified others in a office
Informal portrait of Ward Plummer


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