Goff Sits at His Desk
Shirley Jackson with unidentified others in a office
Informal portrait of Ward Plummer
Martin Ryle (left) with unidentified man conversing
Roald Sagdeev conversing in his office
Portrait of Donald Winget
Informal portrait of Thomas Weaver
Chandrasekhar Sits at Desk
Beranek and Cremer Converse
Portrait of Bragg
Portrait of W. Arthur Porter
Martin Ryle (left) with unidentified man conversing
Frank Witt, R. O. Simmons, Curtis McGuire, and Professor Alfred O. Hanson gathered at McGuire's retirement coffee
Portrait of Warren Edgar Winsche
Informal portrait of James Webb
Anderson at His Desk.
BBN Office, Los Angeles, CA
Portrait of Bragg
Informal portrait of Jack Purcell
James Scherer working in his office


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