Nobel Medal for Emilio Segre in 1954
Einasto Receives Doctor Honoris Clausa
Group who won the Department of Commerce Bronze Medal
Helmholtz Medal
Staples Presents Franklin Medal to Hubble
Carl Soderberg (left) watches John Dillon awards the 1959 Society of Rheology Bingham Medal to Egon Orowan
T. M. Sugden (center with beard) and P. F. Knewstubb receive silver medal from Professor G. C. Williams
Portrait of Bethe
Portrait of Brasseur
Cohen Receives SUNAMCO Medal
Portrait of Cameron
Conway Wins Medal
C. Green Accepts Medal from Neugebauer
Crane Receives Medal from President Reagan
Portrait of Gutjahr
Dirac Medal
Portrait of Jacques Babinet
Feshbach Receives Medal from President Reagan
Walter H. Bucher Medal
President Ronald Reagan presenting a Medal of Science award to Bernard Oliver


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