Geneva (Switzerland)

John Archibald Wheeler (2nd from left) with unidentified others in Geneva
Dian Seidel, Mary Glackin, Vickie Nadolski and Maria Pirone, members of U.S. Delegation
Wolfgang Pauli finishing some refreshments on the excursion
Emilio Picasso at the entrance of LEP Tunnel
Willibald Jentschke and William Wright at conference in Geneva
Bell and Veltman Conversing at Blackboard
Dalitz and Anderson Converse
Brown on Merry-Go-Round
Wolfgang Pauli on an excursion in Geneva, Switzerland
Baldin Lecturing at Conference
John Bertram Adams at CERN
Feynman candid
Portrait of Carlo Rubbia
Edwin Goldwasser and T.D. Lee
Arnold Sommerfeld and Wolfgang Pauli walking outdoors at Metals Conference in Geneva
Baldin Lecturing at Conference
Veltman Family
Feynman at CERN
Gregor Wentzel attends a CERN meeting in Geneva
Feynman at CERN


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