Formal Group

University of Manchester Staff and Research Students in 1910
University of Manchester Staff and Research Students in 1912
Argonne Service Award 1953
Demolition of West Stands of Stagg Field
University of Chicago Ryerson Laboratory
University of Chicago Physics Department
Session of Academy of Agricultural Sciences in August 1948
Artist concept of general meeting to unanimously elect Prime-Minister V.NM. Molotov to honorary member
Meeting to celebrate Stalin's 70th Anniversary at the Academy of Sciences in Moscow, 1949
Staff members of the Tacubaya & Tonantzintla Observatories
Physics Club in 1902 at Smith College
Speakers at Symposium in honor of R. Landenburg's retirement from Princeton University
Attendees of the Mass Spectroscopy Conference for the National Bureau of Standards
National Academy of Sciences Advisory Committee, October 14, 1964
Painting by Albert Herter depicting the founders of the National Academy of Sciences
Group at the dedication of the National Academy of Sciences building
Eight of the twelve members of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
Los Alamos National Laboratory director Dr. Norris E. Bradbury and his first tech board met eith General Leslie R. Groves
ONR panel on solid state physics meeting at Naval Ordnance Test Station
Group at Los Alamos - Chalk River Fission Seminar on February 21, 1958


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