Gosudarstvennyĭ opticheskiĭ institut imeni S.I. Vavilova [Vivilov State Optical Institute]

Interviewed by
Thomas S. Kuhn
Interview date
Palmer Physical Laboratory, Princeton, New Jersey

Family background, early schooling; physics studies at University of Petrograd, Dmitri Rozhdestwensky. Introduction to Niels Bohr's atomic theories; Russian physical sciences tradition; Russian degree system. Stipend at the Optical Institute in Petrograd. Reactions to Werner Heisenberg-Erwin Schrödinger work, 1925-1926; to Göttingen University 1927 and 1928 (Paul Ehrenfest, Paul A.M. Dirac); life in Göttingen. Relationship with Bohr, Bohr's visit to Leningrad, 1934; visit to Copenhagen, 1957; philosophical aspects of physics in Leningrad. Also prominently mentioned are: Maurice de Broglie, Friedman, Goud, Samuel Abraham Goudsmit, Krutkow, Krylow, Liapunov, Hermann Weyl; Kazan V. I. Lenin State University, Leningradskii gosudarstvennyi universitet imeni A. A. Zhdanova, Moscow M. V. Lomonosov State University, Petrozavodsk O. V. Kuusinen State University, Proceedings of the Royal Society, and Universität Göttingen.