Stockholm (Sweden)

Henry Norris Russell and Walter S. Adams peering at book
Alvarez Receives Nobel Prize
Ivan Sellin at the Nobel Prize ceremonies
Nobel Prize Group
Julian Schwinger receiving the Nobel Prize in Sweden
Nobel Laureates and Spouses 1968
Irene Joliot-Curie attends a meeting
Jan Alvarez at Nobel Prize Ceremony
Martinus Veltman
Unidentified Woman and Fermi at Nobel Ceremony
Fermi and Buck Attend Nobel Ceremony
King of Sweden Presents Nobel Prize to Fermi
Nobel Prize Ceremony
Nobel Prize Group
1956 Nobel Prize Ceremony
Dirac and Group at Train Station
William Meggers with speed controls for a ship
King of Sweden Presents Nobel Prize to Fermi
Lise Meitner (center) on the occasion of her receiving a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Stockholm, Sweden
Fermi and Others Attend Nobel Ceremony


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