Energy and Water Research Integration Act - H.R. 34

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"To ensure consideration of water intensity in the Department of Energy's energy research, development, and demonstration programs to help guarantee efficient, reliable, and sustainable delivery of energy and clean water resources."
Primary sponsors: 
Reps. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) and Frank Lucas (R-OK)
Latest major action: 
H.R.34 introduced on 01/03/2019
Summary of provisions
  • Directs the Department of Energy to “integrate water considerations” into its R&D programs, including consideration of water use efficiency, non-traditional water sources, and climate impacts on water availability.
  • Directs DOE to develop and periodically update a strategic plan identifies research, development, and demonstration needs and associated technical milestones.
  • Directs DOE to establish an interagency advisory committee to “promote and enable improved energy and water resource data collection, reporting, and technological innovation.”
  • Requires the advisory committee to conduct annual technical workshops with non-federal experts and report on its activities to Congress every two years.
Actions on the House bill: 
Bill introduced