Organization and Governance

AIP is a 501(c)(3) membership corporation of physical science societies with an annual budget exceeding $25M and serving a combined membership of approximately 120,000 scientists, engineers and students. AIP is managed by a board of directors.

AIP owns AIP Publishing LLC, a subsidiary with an annual budget exceeding $50M. The wholly owned subsidiary is governed by a Board of Managers, which is distinct from AIP’s governing body, the AIP Board of Directors.

Governance Changes as of November 2014: AIP Board of Directors

As of November 2014, the AIP Governing Board and AIP Member Societies approved a restructuring of AIP’s board. The newly restructured Board of Directors will have no more than 22 Directors: A Chair, AIP CEO, Corporate Secretary, one Director from each Member Society, and up to four at-large Directors. The Board with its key committees (Finance, Audit, Compensation, Membership, Nominating & Governance, and Corporate Strategy) is strategic and engaged, enabled to provide active strategic leadership of AIP, streamlined oversight and decision-making. The Board is devoted to ensuring the value proposition for AIP’s Member Societies and AIP’s ability to keep pace with the fast-changing global environment of physical science communication, education, and outreach.

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