Regional Innovation Act - H.R. 4588

"To amend the Stevenson-Wydler Technology Innovation Act of 1980 to establish a regional technology and innovation hub program, and for other purposes."
Primary Sponsors
Reps. Susan Wild (D-PA) and James Baird (R-IN)
Summary of Selected Provisions
  • Directs the Commerce Department to establish a grant program that supports the creation of no fewer than 10 “regional technology and innovation hubs” in regions that “are not leading technology centers”
  • Requires that at least one-third of the hubs benefit rural or other underserved communities, that at least one hub is in an EPSCoR state, and that at least one hub is “headquartered in a region that has a high density of institutions of higher education serving populations historically underrepresented in STEM”
  • Permits the grant funds to support workforce development, business and entrepreneur development, technology commercialization, and infrastructure projects
  • Recommends the department receive $7 billion over five years to implement the program and stipulates that the initial hub awards may not exceed $150 million each
  • Recommends the Department of Energy receive $250 million over five years to establish a program that would provide grants to establish regional clean energy innovation partnerships
Actions on the House bill
House Science Committee approved amended bill
Bill introduced