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National Science Foundation

FYI covers NSF’s major research and facilities programs, with a special focus on the Math and Physical Sciences Directorate. FYI also covers the foundation’s general policy, strategy, and administration, as well as activities of the National Science Board.

24 Jun 2020

A bipartisan group of lawmakers recently introduced legislation that would channel billions of dollars into manufacturing incentives and new R&D streams to bolster U.S. semiconductor manufacturing in the face of increasing international competition.

12 Jun 2020

The National Academies decadal assessment of plasma science strongly urges increased interagency coordination to better steward the highly interdisciplinary field and recommends increased investment in university programs to address concerning workforce trends. 

4 Jun 2020

In its Vision 2030 report released last month, the National Science Board charts a course of action for the U.S. to maintain leadership across science and engineering fields over the next decade amid a rapidly changing global research landscape.

28 May 2020

The National Science Foundation would get a massive new technology directorate, and a new name, under a bipartisan bill unveiled this week that envisions pumping $100 billion into the agency over five years.

27 May 2020

The latest decadal survey for the National Science Foundation’s Earth Sciences Division recommends it undertake a number of infrastructure initiatives, while warning many may not be tractable if the division’s decade-long trend of stagnant budgets continues.

19 May 2020

France Córdova spoke with FYI about her six years leading the National Science Foundation, including how she handled criticism from lawmakers and the emergence of sexual harassment and research security as top policy concerns.

6 May 2020

The National Academies’ inaugural decadal survey for the “physics of living systems” aims to cement the standing of the field as a subdiscipline of physics, distinct from biophysics as traditionally defined.

24 Apr 2020

Starting this month, NASA-funded institutions are required to notify the agency whenever they determine a principal or co-investigator has violated policies concerning harassment or assault, or if the personnel are placed on leave due to a harassment investigation. NASA modeled the policy on one first implemented by the National Science Foundation in 2018.

15 Apr 2020

A new National Academies report recommends federal agencies do more to hold grantee institutions and themselves accountable for remedying the persistent underrepresentation of women in STEM fields across disciplines and career stages.

27 Mar 2020

Coronavirus response legislation signed into law today includes funding to expand federal research efforts and aid universities disrupted by the pandemic.