Affiliated Society Program

An AIP Affiliated Society is a local, regional, national or international organization interested in physics and allied sciences, with a complementary mission to AIP and AIP Member Societies. Becoming an AIP-Affiliated Society is a formal recognition of this aligned philosophy, goals, and objectives. Through the Affiliated Society program, AIP endeavors to create opportunities for collaboration and leveraging of resources where possible. Affiliated Societies do not pay dues, but do receive several benefits. (Affiliated status is subject to approval by the AIP Governing Board.)

Benefits to AIP Affiliated Societies and their Members:

Opportunities for information exchange, including participation in the AIP Assembly of Society Officers.  AIP Member and Affiliated Society leaders convene to discuss areas of mutual concern at the annual Assembly of Society Officers (organized and financed by AIP). Sessions address topics such as challenges/innovations in scientific publishing, public policy, effectively communicating to the public, supporting/growing the membership base, trends in philanthropic giving, strategic planning, supporting science education, promoting science as a viable career choice to a diverse population, and so forth. The Assembly is also a forum where Member and Affiliated Society executives can become better acquainted and share ideas.

AIP journal subscription discounts.  Affiliated Society members are eligible to purchase individual subscriptions (substantially discounted from institutional rates) to the highly acclaimed AIP peer-reviewed journals. For current Affiliated Society member rates and order forms, please contact customer service at +1 516.576.2200 or subs [at]

Group Insurance. Affiliated Society members are eligible to participate in APSIT, a trust that offers life, disability, long-term care, and discounted pharmaceutical insurance. For more information, visit  

Affiliated Societies are eligible to tap into AIP’s expertise (fee-for-service):

-- AIP Career Network.  Partners expand their career resources – and member value – through this shared job board for physical scientists and engineers in industry, academia, government and the non-profit sector. The network enables seamless integration of job listings on partners’ own sites and hosts career webinars. Open only to eligible AIP Member and Affiliated Societies.

-- Media Services.  AIP's media professionals work together with your society as needed, offering meeting support, journal promotion, strategic communications, etc. Media requests from past AIP-prepared press releases are handled pro-bono. 

-- Government Relations. AIP provides low-cost support to Affiliated Societies, to advance science policy campaigns, increase visibility and representation through Executive Branch and Congressional visits, and enhance other government relations efforts.

-- Statistical Research. AIP’s trained data researchers can help Affiliated Societies learn more about their membership and issues that are important to them (salary data, demographics, education, etc.)

In addition to these benefits, members of AIP Member Societies might be interested in the following services that AIP provides to the broader community:

FYI - Science Policy News.  AIP monitors science policy developments in Washington, and publishes regular FYI news bulletins and digests, informing the community of opportunities for science and funding decisions that affect them. Subscribe.

Inside Science News.  Keep up to date on the latest happenings in research, current affairs and the science behind the news. Subscribe to the weekly digest of news stories from Inside Science.

E-Updates from AIP's Statistical Research Center.  Keep abreast of the latest data on education and employment in physics and related fields. Choose from among 16 topics covered by our Center's studies. Join the listserv to be notified whenever new data are available.

Physics Today Career Network.  For those looking to hire or be hired, visit the PT Career Network to find more than 200 jobs per month in industry, academia, and government, and more than 7,000 resumes of highly trained job seekers holding physics degrees from B.S. to Ph.D.

Niels Bohr Library & Archives.  Anyone interested in science history can explore the NBLA’s matchless collection of historically important printed works, including monographs, textbooks, laboratory manuals, instrument catalogs, and publishes correspondence. Contact nbl [at] Emilio Segrè Visual Archives includes a collection of more than 30,000 historical photographs of influential physicists, as well as other visual materials. The Library has an outstanding collection of oral histories; more than 1,000 are online and many are given by members of the MS.

Unless otherwise indicated, to learn more or take advantage of these benefits, contact: 

Liz Dart Caron, Sr. Director, Member Society Relations
lcaron [at]

To apply for Affiliated Society membership:

Send a formal letter of request from executive officers of the society on society letterhead, basic information about the society and leadership structure, its purposes and membership, and copies of the charter, constitution, and bylaws. Complete applications will be considered by the AIP Governing Board at their next meeting.

Electronic applications are encouraged; however, hard copies will also be accepted. You may direct applications and inquiries to:

Liz Dart Caron
Sr. Director, Member Society Engagement & Executive Office
American Institute of Physics
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20901
lcaron [at]