History Programs

Founded in 1962, The History Programs mission is to preserve and make known the history of modern physics and its allied fields through our two joint programs.


From our collections

Oral History Interviews

by John Lutnes in 1969

Digital collections

Find our digitized collections including the Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, papers, and rare books.

Emilio Segrè Visual Archives

Explore our visual archives through staff-curated selections of images on a theme

Finding Aids

Esther Goudsmit papers from 1927-1981

History of Science

Web Exhibits

Web Exhibits

The History Center's thirteen online exhibits engage a very broad audience - from elementary school students to historians of science. Visit our gallery to learn more about Marie Curie's discovery of radium or the three physicists who revolutionized our information age: the transistor.

Teaching Guides

Teaching Guides: Women & Minorities

Over 50 teaching guides on the history of physics, astronomy, and other physical sciences, highlight contributions across the diverse community of scientists. These teaching guides meet national educational standards, can fit into social and natural science courses, and are available for free on this site.