Diversity Initiatives

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AIP and its Member Societies are committed to promoting increased diversity, equity, and inclusion in the physical sciences. Research shows that diverse perspectives lead to better decision-making and better outcomes. This site brings together the wealth of activities and resources for under-represented minorities in the physical sciences undertaken by AIP and its Member Societies.

AIP and Member Society Initiatives

TEAM-UP Project

Information about the AIP Task Force to Elevate African American Representation in Undergraduate Physics & Astronomy (TEAM-UP) Project, The Time is Now Report, and the upcoming TEAM-UP Report Implementation Workshops.

DEIBA Strategy

This strategic plan will drive change, dismantle barriers, and build the equity capital needed to advance the DEIBA work of our Member Societies as well as the Institute itself.

Scholarships & Awards

Awards, fellowships, scholarships and other funding sources are available for under-represented minorities in physics.

Programs & Services

Links to programs, courses, and other services--such as newsletters or reduced membership fees - provided by the AIP Member Societies for under-represented minorities in physics.

Resolutions, Policies & Best Practices

AIP Diversity Statement

AIP Board of Directors resolution on diversity in Member Society volunteer appointments
Member Society codes of conduct, diversity/inclusion statements, and efforts to encourage inclusion and equity at Society conferences.

AIP Workshop debrief, "How to Achieve Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Professional Meetings." 
Best practices and guidelines before, during, and after conferences.

Statistics & Reports

Surveys and other data-driven reports on the representation of minority populations in physics.


Other Organizations Promoting Diversity in the Physical Sciences

AIP Affiliates who partner with AIP to advance diversity