Nuclear Energy Research Infrastructure Act - H.R.4378

"To direct the Secretary of Energy to carry out the construction of a versatile reactor-based fast neutron source, and for other purposes."
Primary Sponsors
Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) and Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX)
Final outcome

House passed H.R.4378 by voice vote, Feb. 13, 2018

Summary of Selected Provisions
  • Sets a target completion date and an authorized funding profile for construction of a versatile reactor-based fast neutron source to be operated as a national user facility.
Actions on the House bill
House passed bill by voice vote
Feb. 13, 2018
House Science Committee approved bill
Nov. 15, 2017
Bill introduced
Nov. 13, 2017
Status update

The versatile reactor-based fast neutron source called for in this bill has been authorized through the Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act (S.97), which was enacted on Sept. 28, 2018.

Relevant FYI Bulletins

In their fiscal year 2019 spending bills, House and Senate appropriators again reject the Trump administration’s proposal for deep cuts to the Department of Energy’s applied energy R&D programs, and they state their opposition to its policy of focusing support on “early-stage” research.

The House Science Committee has approved a package of bills that establish target funding profiles for eight Department of Energy research facility construction projects. The committee also approved four STEM education and research bills, one of which would require federal science agencies to annually report to the National Science Foundation information on the demographics of all R&D grant applicants.