SECURE CAMPUS Act - H.R.7033 / S.3920

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"To secure the research enterprise of the United States from the Chinese Communist Party, and for other purposes."
Primary sponsors: 
Rep. David Kustoff (R-TN) / Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR)
Summary of Selected Provisions
  • Prohibits the State Department from issuing F or J visas to Chinese citizens who intend to participate in graduate or post-graduate STEM coursework or research at a U.S. university. Allows the prohibition to be waived by the president on a case-by-case basis on national security grounds or waived by the secretary of state if the visa applicant demonstrates they are a member of a religious or ethnic group that is “systematically oppressed” by the Chinese government
  • Prevents federal agencies from issuing R&D grants to Chinese citizens or to participants in talent recruitment programs sponsored by the Chinese government, defined as “any effort organized, managed, funded, or otherwise controlled by the [Chinese government] to employ, contract, or otherwise compensate 1 or more individuals to conduct research, development, testing, or any other science or technology activity for the direct or indirect benefit” of China
  • Requires federal agencies to ensure that institutions they fund do not knowingly employ any participants in talent recruitment programs sponsored by the Chinese government
  • Requires Chinese talent program participants and recruiters to register as foreign agents pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act
Actions on the House bill: 
Bill introduced
Actions on the Senate bill: 
Bill introduced
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