Industrial Physics Forum 2015 on Mesoscale Science and Technology of Materials and Metamaterials

Held in conjunction with the AVS 62nd International Symposium & Exhibition

October 18-23, San Jose, CA
  (IPF sessions are October 19-20)

Schedule of Speakers

Purpose and nature

The Industrial Physics Forum (IPF) is an American Institute of Physics (AIP) sponsored conference that is hosted by the AIP member societies. The 2015 Forum is the sixth held at the AVS and is a two-day event of solely invited talks.

Mesoscale science encompasses the domain where a physical description in terms of macroscopic classical concepts becomes inadequate and where a description in terms of the discreet atomic nature of materials and structures is deficient because of system complexity in terms of component heterogeneity and component size. The goal of mesoscale technology is to harness the wealth of variables in composition, chemical bonding, dimensionality, size and architecture to create structures of predetermined functionality that not only can supplant existing technologies, but create structures and devices with new capabilities for diverse applications. Included here are the synthetic solids referred to as metamaterials, assemblies of equivalent multi-atomic units which functionally assume a role analogous to those of individual atoms in regular solids, but collectively exhibit new properties and functionalities.

The realization of the full potential of mesoscale devices and structures requires not only innovation in synthesis and assembly of multi-atomic elements at various hierarchical levels, but also further refinements in and development of new diagnostic tools, as well as substantial advances in theoretical and computational methods with acceptable predictive capabilities.

Mesoscale science concepts apply to virtually all physical and biological sciences. The selection of topics offered at this year’s IPF reflects areas of research and technology of interest to the attendees of the AVS International Symposium.


Leaders from academia, industry, government, and NGOs--as well as students and post-doctoral scientists--are encouraged to attend.

Venue and lodging

San Jose McEnery Convention Center
150 West San Carlos Street
San Jose, CA 95113
Floorplan | Parking

San Jose Downtown Marriott (HQ)
301 South Market St.
San Jose, CA 95113
Single/Double: $195

Hilton San Jose
300 Almaden Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95110
Single/Double: $195

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