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JRSE Creates New Website Optimized for Display on Mobile Devices

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Melville, NY, August 14, 2009 – The American Institute of Physics (AIP) announced today that its newest publication, Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy (JRSE), can now be accessed from any mobile device equipped with a modern web browser. JRSE ( is an online journal covering all areas of renewable and sustainable energy through peer-reviewed papers, and featuring related top stories culled from major news outlets; interviews with newsmakers in the field; and a blog with insightful commentary on news, policy, and research.

"Mobile users want information very quickly, and they want it in a stripped-down version that loads quickly," said Larry Belmont, AIP's Manager of Scitation Development. "Keeping this in mind, we've provided them with a clean, streamlined design – absent the Flash content, huge images and difficult navigation."

To view the entire JRSE site optimized for display on devices such as the Google Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and iPod Touch, and devices running Windows Mobile, among others, users need only point their web-capable mobile browser to JRSE site will automatically detect the use of a mobile device, and redirect the user to the mobile edition. All mobile devices with a web browser should be able to access JRSE Mobile with no difficulty, but full functionality – searching, use of article-bookmarking tools, and other article actions – is limited to the latest mobile web browsers, and requires JavaScript to be turned on.

Belmont went on to say, "We're driven by the belief that true accessibility means being able to deliver content that is just as usable on the mobile web as it is on the desktop web. We recognize that researchers on the go need fast, convenient access to JRSE, and now we've incorporated the technology that can deliver our content to them whenever and wherever they need it."

To make viewing on mobile devices easier, JRSE Mobile differs from the desktop edition in just a few ways:

  • All pages are formatted for small screens, including tables of contents, search results, and abstracts
  • Some data have been suppressed from select views to enhance readability
  • A prominent 'Navigate' button opens a menu to explore the site in mobile mode
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