And the Survey Says . . .

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7 April 2014

SRC Survey dataIn early 2009, AIP’s Statistical Research Center (SRC) staff began a conversation with Karl Mamola, then the editor of The Physics Teacher (TPT), seeking a venue through which to share SRC survey results with interested parties. Starting with the September 2009 TPT issue, the SRC began highlighting results from its Quadrennial Nationwide Survey of High School Physics Teachers. Each month they published a column noting interesting facts about the number of students, the number of teachers, the teachers’ credentials, the teachers’ opinion of textbooks, and more. In September 2013, this feature was renamed “And the Survey Says . . .,” and the topics were broadened to include results from all the physics-related surveys the SRC conducts. The most recent columns have highlighted the role of two-year colleges in postsecondary physics education. In May, the focus will shift to women among physics faculty members. AIP is grateful for this opportunity to share the SRC’s work with AAPT members.