Paul L. Richards and P.W. Anderson inspect the instrument used in experiment
Portrait of Paul L. Richards
James Thomson
Portrait of Paul Rudnick
Informal portrait of Rainer Weiss
Informal portrait of Rainer Weiss
Portrait of Rainer Weiss
Portrait of Gordon Ramsey
Bruce R. Thomadsen
Informal portrait of Doug Richstone
Elmer Hutchisson
Sanqiang Qian, Zhou Pei-Yuan and Zhao Zhong Yeo at event
William Pollard discussing program plans with Vincent E. Parker
William Phillips speaking at the Sigma Pi Sigma Congress
Sketched portrait of George Pegram by William J. Numeroff
Abraham Pais and Hideki Yukawa attending the International Conference on Theoretical Physics
Portrait of Carl Pulfrich
Portrait of Paolo della Porta
Leonid Ponomarev; Semen Gershtein; J.D. Jackson and Yuri Petrov at a workshop
N.W. Cummings, J.W. Sears and L.O. Olsen at an event


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