With Instruments and/or Equipment

Emilio Segre and Edward Lofgren working in laboratory with equipment
Emilio Segre working with a 37" cyclotron
Emilio Segre working with equipment
Alfred Redfield working with equipment
Alfred Redfield working with equipment
Milton Humason
Drilling set up at Camp Century
J. Kasl and D. Garfield at Camp Century
Costas Papanicolas working with equipment
Darragh Nagle (farthest left), J.J. McLean and J.R. Zacharias with Molecular beam apparatus
Dredged material on after deck
Crew member moving equipment aboard the USNS Kane
Chief Machinist, Bill Phillips, Don Blomquist and Rich Schneider working on equipment
Bradley (geologist) inspecting dredged material
Bill Woodward pointing to data on the seismic plotter
View of the bow of the USNS Kane
Crew members holding the coring weight off the edge of the USNS Kane
Seismic plotter aboard the USNS Kane
Jay Egloff working with an unidentified crew member
Four men conversing in the mess room.


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