Stockholm (Sweden)

Fermi and Buck at Stockholm Nobel Awards
Bardeen, Shockley, and Brattain Receive Nobel Prize
Samuel Ting Nobel Prize
Samuel Ting at Nobel ceremony
Ting's daughter taking photos
Saltsjöbaden Observatory
Saltsjöbaden Observatory
Saltsjöbaden Observatory
Swedish Royals during the 1976 Nobel Prize ceremony
Nobel Banquet 1968
Nobel Prize Group
Nobel Prize Group
Nobel Laureates on Stage
Ting with fellow 1976 Nobel Prize winners
Ting accepting 1976 Nobel Prize in Physics
Ting receiving Nobel Prize in Physics.
1976 Nobel Prize Ceremony
Fermi and Others Attend Nobel Ceremony
Ruth Mott, Sir Nevill Mott, John Van Vleck, and an Unidentified man in Stockholm, Sweden
Aebersold, Hevesy, Emlet at Hevesy's lab in Stockholm.


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