Introducing a New AIP Resource: Federal Science Budget Tracker

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To further our mission of serving as an objective and authoritative source of policy news for the physical sciences community, AIP is introducing the Federal Science Budget Tracker, a tool to help you monitor federal budgets and appropriations relevant to the physical sciences.

Today, AIP is introducing a new web-based resource to help you track federal budgets and appropriations relevant to the physical sciences. The Federal Science Budget Tracker will help the physical sciences community stay up-to-date with the latest budget proposals and outcomes for selected federal agencies, offices, and programs that are important for the physical sciences. The Tracker also features a compilation of links to recently published FYI bulletins on the current budget cycle, as well as primary budget documents and resources.

We encourage you to use the Federal Science Budget Tracker as a reference for staying on top of the flood of incoming federal science budget information during the annual budget cycle. FYI will be updating the Tracker on a rolling basis as new information becomes available. We will also be linking to the Tracker from many of our FYI bulletins reporting on budgets and appropriations.

If you have feedback on the new resource, or on FYI in general, please contact us.

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