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25 Feb 1993

On February 22, the Clinton Administration released a report,
"Technology for America's Economic Growth, A New Direction to Build
Economic Strength."  Among the highlights of this 36-page report
summarizing the administration's approach to science and technology

24 Feb 1993

A new report by the General Accounting Office, "Foreign
Contributions to the SSC," cautions that "DOE may have difficulty
obtaining the foreign contributions needed to meet its $1.7 billion
goal for the SSC."  This 15-page study, done at the request of a
House science subcommittee, also found "the procedures DOE and the
SSC Laboratory followed when entering into agreements with foreign
laboratories and the criteria DOE used for considering cost savings
under international agreements as foreign contributions were

24 Feb 1993

I have been on somewhat of a crusade against unauthorized,
location-specific appropriations to academic institutions which
bypass congressional debate and legitimate processes of peer review
or merit review.
    --George Brown

19 Feb 1993

Some of the details of President Clinton's budget request for
fiscal year 1994 are becoming known.  A full budget request is due
on March 23.  The following information is based on department or
agency briefings and press accounts:


16 Feb 1993

Friday, press reports indicated that NASA Administrator Daniel S.
Goldin and White House officials had reached agreement on a budget
request of $1.35 billion for Space Station Freedom for fiscal year
1994.  New reports tell just the opposite story, indicating that
Vice President Al Gore has told lawmakers the Clinton
Administration will seek $2.25 billion for the project.

10 Feb 1993

The National Science Foundation has released a 84-page report
entitled "National Patterns of R&D Resources: 1992" providing
important data on selected R&D trends.  A product of the Division
of Science Resources Studies, this document is the latest in a
series of NSF reports monitoring science and technology spending.

Highlights of the report's major findings (some of which are
approximations/estimations/expectations) follow.  All are adjusted
for inflation:

10 Feb 1993

The House Science Subcommittee on Space began the 103rd Congress
with several hearings reviewing U.S. space policy.  The hearings,
held on February 2 and 4, with a third scheduled for February 17,
consider a series of reports released by the National Space Council
under former Vice President Quayle.  The hearing room was full with
new members of the subcommittee, many from districts deeply
affected by the aerospace industry.

5 Feb 1993

All indications point to quickening support for the passage of
legislation expanding the federal government's role in technology
policy and economic competitiveness.  A bill has been introduced in
the Senate that is attracting considerable notice, and earlier this
week, two House science subcommittees began hearings on the

5 Feb 1993

An informal briefing this week by the House Science, Space, and
Technology Committee staff provided a good overview of high
priority energy research and other science issues.   The committee
will revisit some issues as well as consider new matters of
interest to the physics community this year.

29 Jan 1993

The 103 Congress is now underway.  As future FYIs report on and
analyze congressional actions throughout the year, the following
list of congressional terminology might be of use to readers:


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